Laura Flick

VP Membership

Laura joined Xerox in 1997 and held a wide variety of positions including Human Resources, Customer Support, Engineering, and guiding a successful Product Delivery Team.

Laura managed problems and applications, people and timeframes from Executive Administration to Engineering Software Problem Database Manager and maintaining the Knowledge Base for FlowPort to full circle 24/7 worldwide support as

Xerox Entry Production Mono and Color products surged in the early 2000’s and as Systems Test Configuration and Integration Manager then Program Planner/Scheduler keeping A-levels and programs on track for TTM, Laura was crucial in timely adherence and negotiating deliverables to enable ahead of schedule launch of five printer modules (Xerox 4110, 4590, 4595, 4112 and 4127) thus securing Xerox’s worldwide lead market share in 2007 and 2008.

Her 2012 dive back into Xerox was in the first US based Managed Print Services Boeing Client as a HelpDesk Dispatcher and Process Coach. This select Webster team achieved steady state in under three months; enabling six month advance optimization.

The next transition from behind the scenes MPS, was to a direct customer facing position as the XRX2 Print Shop Proprietor and DocuCare Associate. After enjoying two years honing the craft of delivering excellence in printed product to a wide-ranging clientele, she was offered an entry into XIM.

Paying-it-forward the gift of PrintShop Manager transitioned and Laura moved into a Business Analyst position in 2015. Working in the Office of the CIO, 2016 brought the entire team LSS Green Belt Certification with the manager achieving his Black Belt. In Business Operations, Laura manages or supports: XIM Bus Ops Community of Practice, Xerox Management Audit Commission, Business Continuity, and the Build Our Talent deliverables.  Laura is known as a team player, often seen as the go-to person for extensive information related to a project.

Laura is a NYS Notary Public and maintains a NYS Insurance Brokers license.  In her spare time enjoys family, friends, pets and wildlife. She can be found driving the golf cart around on the Webster homestead.