Welcome to the Xerox Leadership Association Site

The Xerox Leadership Association (XLA) is a professional membership comprised of Xerox employees.  XLA offers excellent opportunities for personal and professional development, while providing many needed services to our community. Participation in events offers leadership experience, networking opportunities, and other fun ways in which to exercise your skills and simultaneously get back valuable learning. XLA contributes to our community by volunteering and providing grants to organizations that need assistance in providing people with food, shelter, or household goods.


  • Provide a forum for professional development and learning to our members on leadership
  • Provide opportunities for our members to enhance their professional and leadership skills
  • Provide networking and mentoring opportunities to our members through executive, social and community events
  • Grow a vibrant sense of community where XLA members are motivated to advocate and support each other
  • Actively engage membership in defining the direction of the Association